Good day. I am the master of the household here.

This is me, you can call me Lucy.

Yes, I agree! I am the best looking dog around, thank you.

I am here to share my knowledge on the ways of the dog so you can train your humans to behave accordingly. You don't want them sitting on your bed in your favourite corner, or not retrieving those delicious nibblets.

You definitely don't want to forget the nibblets. They are extremely tasty... I must get me some nibblets... Ahem..

Meet my human female.

She seems to get very excited when she's in my vicinity, as these strange sounds emanate from her eating hole. Like a sort of whining, high pitched noise. I think she is trying to communicate with me somehow.

This is Belle. I bet you know what nickname I gave her... You guessed it! Cat. I call her cat.

She seems to think she is the boss. When she is not looking, I found a way to secretly eat all her food. That showed her. She will never know it's me. Ha..

So, this is our household and we welcome you!

If you are ready to start training your human pets, then I am ready to start helping you do it. With my expert knowledge of the human behaviours and your will to study hard and follow all the steps, I believe we can start making great changes around the canine community.

I will be sharing my tips and tricks in outsmarting your human companion, places you can walk them around the UK and many more...

Sometimes a may let my human female interact with you too, so you can learn to understand their ways.

Good luck with your training and may you sniff well!