Britain’s top 10 best dog breeds to own in 2019

Britain's top 10 best dog breeds to own in 2019
Written by Hayley

In a special ITV episode named Britain’s Top Dog 2019, where 10,000 people voted on their favourite dog breeds, they revealed the 100 dogs British people love the most in 2019.

Presented by Sara Cox and Ben Fogle, they featured famous guests and their canine companions as they discussed interesting facts about their favourite breeds.

People of Britain, you have spoken and here are Britain’s top 10 best dog breeds to own in 2019..


10 Mixed Breeds (Labradoodle)



9 German Shepherd




Staffordshire Bull Terrier




Springer Spaniel








Cocker Spaniel




Border Collie




Golden Retriever





In at number 2 is the Cockapoo. This cute little cross breed is the offspring of the Poodle and the Cocker spaniel. Actually not a new breed as you’d expect, this hybrid designer dog has been around since the 1960’s and has only gotten more popular.

Just alike the other cross breeds of a similar mix, the Cockerpoo’s appearance and size greatly as with this breeds character traits. But that doesn’t stop people’s obsession with this energetic little pooch, oh no. The Cockerpoo is not yet registered as a stand alone breed at this time, but it does look like it will in the near future once, the breed trait have been ironed out.

Britain's top 10 best dog breeds to own in 2019

Who is the Cockapoo best suited for?

The Cockerpoo thrives on attention which makes them excellent companion pets. Offering a lifetime of loyal companionship, this cute critter will share its fun loving and happy nature with you all life long.

The Cockerpoo is great with other dogs, pets and kids, but as the breeds traits can be a little unpredictable, it is generally best with more considerate children.

How to care for your Cockapoo

The main trait that makes these dogs so popular, is the extremely low-shedding coat. Not only that, but they very low odor to both the coat and the skin, making them a must have pet dog for those who love a clean household.

With consistent positive reinforcement, your Cockerpoo should be quite easily trained. Thriving on been kept busy and active, physically and mentally.

Did you know

Did you know that Cockapoos can be used as therapy dogs? Not only possessing high mental capacity, but along with this is their magnificent emotional intelligence!


Lifespan 14 – 18 years
Pedigree Breed No – Hybrid Dog Breed
Height Males 25 – 38 cm | Females 25 – 38 cm at the withers
Weight Males 5.4 – 10.9 kg | Females 5.40 – 10.9 kg





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