It’s Bruno Netflix Review

It’s Bruno is a Netflix comedy series original about a man and his dog. It revolves around these two, especially the latter, Bruno and how they go about their daily lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s Bruno is written by Solvan Naim, popularly known as Slick.

A comedy about a dog? Interesting. Well, this It’s Bruno review will tell you more about what this series entails:

Netflix has been focusing on the short-form series of late in that episodes take between ten and twenty minutes, which is what they also did with It's Bruno. The essence of it is to give you an incredible experience in a short period. More action in less time, sounds great right? So, did they manage to achieve that with It’s Bruno? Keep reading to find out.

How does it fair?

Let's have a look.

The Good

It’s Bruno is based on real-life experiences, which makes it even more interesting. This series shows us the relationship between Slick’s dog whose character is played by Naim and his rescue dog. Immediately the first episode starts, it captivates you from the very beginning when you see a shot of Bruno and Naim, followed by slow-motion escapades between the two.

Naim loves Bruno more than anything on this planet, which is one of the things that make you want to see more. He gives him the best food like premium turkey meat, and he actually allows him to eat at the table. Wait. What? Yeah, I know.

Malcolm (Naim) doesn’t like people being touchy with his dog or messing with it. One of the scenes where we see this is when a woman tries to pet Bruno without Naim’s permission. Naim is really annoyed by this and decides to pet the woman's granddaughter too and asks her why shouldn’t the dog feel annoyed too by such behavior.

The Bad

It’s Bruno is a good short film but is good enough? I liked it but not more to make me want to watch it over and over again like I do with most of my favorite movies. Why?

Well, it is clear what the director, Solvan Slick, was trying to do with It’s Bruno but I feel like we could have seen more. The problem is, it didn’t really bring out that comedy aspect like it should have considering that it’s a comedy series. Another thing is, It’s Bruno, is supposed to be about the dog. Therefore, I expected to see the dog being the center of everything at the same time making it more interesting.

It is confusing because there are a few times when you see Bruno take a back seat and watch his owner get into conflicts with people in his neighborhood. The series is about the dog, not the owner. So, I think it would have been better if it was more focused on the dog and not the owner at some point.


There is without a doubt an audience that and would love It’s Bruno because of their reasons, and it’s a good thing. However, for me, I give it three out of five stars.

It’s Bruno Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

The renewal status of It’s Bruno is still pending, but Netflix should give an update in a few months if the show will be renewed. Netflix usually takes some time, at least a month or two to evaluate the viewing figures before deciding if the renewal is worth it.


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