Our top 10 jobs for dog lovers

Dog Groomer
Written by Hayley

In today’s fast-paced world, few of us take a step back and question whether we actually enjoy what we do. Whilst many people coast along in an office working traditional 9-5 hours and completing tasks that ultimately leave them unfulfilled, a few brave souls step into fields of work they are truly passionate about.

If you’re a dog fan, there are plenty of exciting jobs out there that will allow you to work around your furry friends on a regular basis – and get paid for it! What’s more, there are countless jobs for dog lovers that will appeal to a range of skill sets. Here are a few of our favourites

1. Dog photographer

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a creative? Do you have experience in accurately capturing the energetic lives of your own dogs? If you’ve got a way with the camera, the field of dog photography could be incredibly lucrative and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside after every shoot.

Dog Photographer

2. Animal rights lawyer

It’s a sad fact of life that some dogs are treated terribly by their owners. Fortunately, animal rights lawyers exist to combat such injustice. If you’re interested in protecting dogs and finding a career within the legal field, this could be your dream job.

3. Therapy dog handler

Therapy dogs are essentially furry friends that can help improve the mental health of the people that need it most. If you fancy training and handling these invaluable buddies all day, then the job of therapy dog handler could be for you.

Therapy Dog Handler

4. Dog behaviourist

Are you known for your ability to calm down boisterous dogs? Dog behaviourists exist to help owners with their pets’ undesirable traits, anxiety issues or training mishaps.

Dog Behaviourist

5. Dog massage therapist

Just like humans, massage therapies can help dogs feel calm, relaxed and soothed. If you’re willing to learn something about the canine anatomy and are interested in giving dogs a little bit of pampering, then the field of dog massage therapy could be a great career move.

Dog Therapist

6. Service dog trainer

Service dogs are specially trained animals that help people with certain needs. This could include people with visual impairments or difficulties with movement. Of course, in order to perform these tasks service dogs need trainers, and the job is great for those interested in helping people in need.

Dog Service Trainer

7. Dog show handler

If you’re passionate about dog shows and would like to spend your days presenting pampered pooches to appreciative crowds, you may want to think about becoming a dog show handler. It’s a great line of work if you love the glitz and glamour.

Dog Show Handler

8. Kennel attendant

Kennel attendants essentially look after dogs in kennels, building relationships with them and ensuring their needs are fulfilled. This is a great field to get into if you gain simple satisfaction from spending time with dogs.

Kennel Attendent

9. Vet

The world of veterinary medicine can be difficult to break into at first, as it requires a lot of studying and training. Once you start saving lives and bringing joy to owners, however, the rewards can be immense.


10. Groomer

The job of a groomer is essentially to pamper puppies and get paid to do so. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the field is relatively accessible and could represent a great long-term career move.

Dog Groomer

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